The Lust List

31st December 2018
January Reboot
It’s happened. January has arrived. It’s time to recharge, regroup and regain sanity. Who said you need to snap back to reality? This year it’s time to sooth your way back into your daily routine. From Chakra sprays to crystals, we’ve got plenty of ideas to get you inspired and motivated for 2019. Positive daily affirmations optional. You’re welcome, namastè.
Amethyst Phantom Quartz

Amethyst Phantom Quartz Polished point crystal £107 from Venusrox

Chakra Spray

Chakra Spray £27 by Aveda


Make It Happen notebook £45 by Smythson

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat £100 by Vivienne Westwood

Vitamin Pill Box

Vitamin Pill Box £12 by Ouai

Happy Cuff

Happy Cuff £60 by Roxanne Assoulin

Marble Dumbbell

Marble Dumbbell £83 by Addition Studio