The Ingénue Playlists

The Ingénue Playlists

Words Sophie Clark

Three of the Ingenue Editors bring you their ultimate getting ready anthems. So read on and click the links to follow our curated playlists guaranteed to get us in the party mood.
Jessie Lily Adams

I usually start getting ready by having a long bath full of Rens Moroccan Rose bath oil, with a Dr Jart rubber face mask. I want to create a sense of calm before the evening party sets – in hence Dubussy, Ketty and Dusty. Afterwards, Brass in pocket is the perfect song to apply Susanne Kaufmann’s antioxidant body oil to, the dance moves really help to make sure I’m totally covered.
Then I pour myself a drink, it’s a Paloma for me, tequila (preferably silver Patron) with crushed grapefruit and soda, a Paloma must be drunk to the tunes of Mr Pete Rodriguez! Bruce Springsteen comes in as I apply my makeup, and Robyn as I’m finishing it off (I take around 8 mins to do my full face, as our Beauty Editor Anna knows, I often ask her to help me, makeup isn’t my forte, so I keep it simple)
Shakira is my getting dressed song, and just as people arrive for more drinks we are in full swing with INXS. What better way to leave the house than to Prince. Ready for the evening, and maybe even a KISS.

Gary Armstrong

When getting ready I always start off more ‘cool’, upbeat and maybe a bit angsty, but inevitably end up dancing to pop music and waiting for the uber whilst playing an anthem of our time by Countess Luann, from the Real Housewives of New York City.

Anna Payne
Beauty Editor

For me, the perfect getting ready playlist has to be full of bangers to get you in the mood. So that’s what I’ve picked! Gotta have something from my current faves Lizzo & Janelle Monae and then in come the all time classics from the ultimate pop divas – Beyoncé, Mariah & Britney. Plus a bit of disco for good measure….and Prince of course!

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