In what world do: Barbie’s, Perseus, Photography and Benvenuto Cellini intertwine? Only one—
Claudia’s, or better known now as Perseo. The name birthed when the sixteen-year-old
photographer glanced upon the shiny bronze of Cellini’s sculpture, Perseus with the Head of Medusa
at the Piazza della Signoria one summers day in the depths of Florence.

Slightly fey, yet brimming with plucky enthusiasm, Perseo (who hails from Sicily), began her
immersion in the arts at the tender of age of ten, when she started taking pictures of her Barbie
dolls. Six years later—while her subject remains similar, it now comes with the sophistication
of an artist who not only knows herself; but is worth knowing. Her work conveys the winsome of
childhood nostalgia and the melancholy that goes along with growing out of it.

Now for The Ingénue, Perseo invites us to share in her crystal vision.

photography @perseo_studio

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