Letters Of Longing

Words Whitney Bryan

In France, ’billets-doux’ are letters of longing. In the sunny suburbs of LA, it's the art of 17-year-old L.J Matine, who for two years has been combining the kaleidoscopic paintings of the Pre-Raphaelite and late Neoclassicism with coveted muses of pop culture, for a wide array of Instagram followers. Here for The Ingénue Magazine she creates exclusive images of her work. A true love letter to women. 

The Ingénue Magazine Issue 4 by Jessie Lily Adams and “The Polar Star”  by William Shackleton

Rihanna and “A World” by Maximilian Lenz

Yara Shahidi  and “A Corner of the Marketplace” by Edward John Poynter

The Ingénue Magazine Issue 2 by Nicolas Kantor and “Apple Picking” by Camille Pissarro

Maison Valentino Haute Couture FW181/9 and “Le Chevalier Aux Fleurs” by George Rochegrosse

Bella Hadid and “Serenity”by Henri Martin