King Princess

King Princess

Words Bobbi Menuez
Photographer Danielle Levitt
Stylist Sean Knight

Jacket, Shirt and Trousers Givenchy; Boots Tamara Mellon; Hat Palace Costume;

Top and Skirt Rodarte; Socks Mikaela’s own; Jewellery, Mikaela’s own worn throughout.

Jacket, Shirt and Trousers Givenchy; Boots Tamara Mellon; Hat Palace Costume;

Mikaela Straus AKA King Princess is everything we could dream of in a pop star, representing the fringe, the queer and the empowered youth through her music. Bobbi Menuez asked her some questions on gender, life and what it means to be the King (Princess)

What are your pronouns (even just for today)? What are some important words for you in how you identify? (Star sign, sexuality, gender, whatever…)

I use she as my preferred pronoun. In my experience, she encompasses my gender and my sexuality, which are very different. I Identify as a genderqueer person, and simultaneously as a gay woman and I’m ok with those being at odds with each other sometimes.

Where are you right now and what are you wearing?

I’m in the green room of my show at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver wearing some tearaways, a Juicy Couture sweatshirt, and a baseball cap.

If you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be? What would you be doing?

Honestly, I would have all my friends come to my house in New York and just be there all together.

How did you start making music? How do you make your music now?

I started by writing either on guitar or piano, but now I spend most of my time on my laptop making tracks. But my songwriting has sort of stayed consistent in a way – I still just say what I’m feeling and write about what’s happening.

Jacket and Jockstrap Gucci; Socks Tabio

Dress Givenchy

Top, Jacket, Trousers and Scarf Gucci; Trainers Mikaela’s own.

T-Shirt Stylist’s own; Bodysuit and Hat Palace Costume; Boots Tamara Mellon.

T-shirt Stella McCartney;
Bodysuit and Boots Palace Costume

Bikini Top Palace Costume;
Trousers SSS World Corp.

Dress Givenchy

Bodysuit Palace Costume.

What role does your identity take in shaping the music you make?

Everyone who makes any type of art has identity at the core of what they do, otherwise their art has no individuality.

Would you say you have ‘big dick energy’?

That’s what the kids say…

What makes you feel shy?

Compliments. And people who are louder than me.

How do you hope your music makes people feel when they listen to it? What do you want your music to do out in the world?

I want people to judge my music based on its merit – come for the content, but stay for the good songs.

What are your thoughts on queer representation? What does it mean for you to carry that with you as a queer artist?

We form our opinions of ourselves based on who we have to look up to, and for people of all letters of the LGBTQ+ spectrum, there is a huge lack of representation and that makes it hard to feel seen and cared for. Art is where that representation starts.

Who are other creators (musicians, visual artists, actors, whoever) that excite and inspire you right now?

I’ve been getting hip to a lot of Cindy Sherman’s work – it’s informing the visual part of my art, making cover art and visual representations to complement the music. I also really fuck with Lizzo’s new record. It’s sick.

What does the word community mean to you? Describe what community looks like in your life.

Community is life! I think chosen family is such an important part of queer experience. My friends and family and team all mesh together to give me a great community and I’m really grateful for that luxury.

How do you take care of yourself when you’re sad?

I just force myself to work. I’m really productive when I’m sad.

How do you relate to the internet? How does your relationship to the internet shape your access to community, and how you’re able to share your music with people?

I’m glad I didn’t have a strong relationship with Miss Internet growing up because now I can use it for fun and jokes instead of feeling like I need it for validation. Like, my Instagram can just be a fun place for my friends and fans so I can share lil snippets of what I’m working on.

What’s something that really pisses you off right now? And what are you going to do about it?

I strongly dislike homophobia and transphobia and will continue to throw ass all over this damn world in the face of it.

When you think about the future, how does it feel? What comes to mind? Anything on the horizon you want to share?

The future feels really, really exciting. I’m excited to keep putting out music (there’s an album on the way!) and listening to other people’s music. I’m really starting to love touring, too, it makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger than myself and I’m lucky I get to keep going new places and playing to new people.

Hair by Rachel Lee using Mr. Smith Hair at Atelier Management
Make-up by Cedric Jolivet using Mac Cosmetics
Set Design by Lizzie Lang at Walter Schupfer Management
Production by Stephanie Porto for The Pull Productions
Digital Operator Meredith Munn
Photography Assistants Sepehr Zamani and Antonio Rodriguez
Fashion Assistant Deniz Gumustas

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