On A Fairytale High

Words Whitney BryanInterview Charles AnastaseTranslation from French by Jean-Marc MasalaPhotography Cecile BortolettiAll ceramics Nathalie Lété and Angele FougeirolAll Artwork Nathalie Lété Nathalie Lété seems to have the makings of what can only be described as a fairy tale hero (a beloved one at that). Born in 1964 under what some would call a lucky star, […]

We Will Always Live In Magic

We Will Always Live In Magic Photographer Andrew TonkeryArtist & Art director Jessica Tonder An idea usually comes to me in the form of a dream or as a wild, ridiculous thought as I’m doing mundane house chores or tending to chickens. What I like to do is reenact the image, the set, and costume, […]


In what world do: Barbie’s, Perseus, Photography and Benvenuto Cellini intertwine? Only one—Claudia’s, or better known now as Perseo. The name birthed when the sixteen-year-oldphotographer glanced upon the shiny bronze of Cellini’s sculpture, Perseus with the Head of Medusaat the Piazza della Signoria one summers day in the depths of Florence. Slightly fey, yet brimming […]

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits Words Whitney Bryan If you scroll through the candy-coloured cubes of the artist, Evita Flores Instagram page, you’ll eventually come across an image containing an almost post-punk Marie Antoinette figure, underneath is the caption;“Happy to be cooking up a lil something special with living doll Colette”The ‘doll’ is Punk Marie herself or better […]

My Art My Dreams

Words ISABELLA DAVEY Photographer LAURENT CONDOMINAS M y A r T Into the mystic of the tarot with Niki de Saint Phalle m Y D r E a M s 1. A.E. Waite The Pictorial Key To The Tarot William Rider & Sons 1911 ‘ The true Tarot is symbolism; it speaks no other language […]

The Vernal Pool

To just read a tarot card is to tap into a sort of shared universal divinity, which must mean that the creation of one could only symbolise a true call to the ’higher self’. For 21 year old illustrator, Lukas Palumbo, divinity and higher purpose existless in futureforetellings and more in the present magic of […]

The All Seeing Eye

WordsWHITNEY BRYAN T H EA L LS E E I N GE Y E The eyes that peak out through the sumptuous surroundings of fabrichearts and beaded flowers in AndreaZanatelli’s artwork, seem to have a particular artistic gleam. The same gleam, I imagine has guided thetwenty–four year old Milanese sincefinishing art school. With inspiration steaming […]


Magda Archer Words Isabella Davey Almost saccharine sweetness meets cartoonish retrograde nostalgia meets truthfully raw sentiment? Its no wonder Magda Archer’s prints have been globally endorsed, subject to a collaboration with Marc Jacobs and spread on the front of The Times.  Magda’s prints have touched on an Achilles heel within us all – that desire […]


Luna Taken from Issue 4 Captured from his bedroom window, photographer Josh Shinner shares his magical moonscapes with The Ingénue. 22:11 on 31/7.15. A “Blue Moon” occurs when there are two full moons in a calendar month 03:14 on 28/9/15. This was the first total luna eclipse in the U.K. since January 2011. 16:37 on […]

Rococo Romance

Rococo Romance Taken from Issue 4 Words Ruth Hickman On first inspection, Jesse Mockrin’s work feels more National Gallery than Downtown LA. Her oil-painted figurative portraits are executed with the grace of masters gone. But appearances can be deceiving, as I learn it’s as much popular culture and gender boundaries that inform Jesse as it […]

Anousha Payne

Anousha Payne Words: Whitney Bryan It was once said you should always take the road less travelled, but throughout the bustling streets of London, sculptor Anousha Payne is carving out a lane all her own. With her brand of quiet confidence we discuss: inspirations, insecurities and what it means to be a woman in sculpting. […]

Letters Of Longing

Letters Of Longing Words Whitney Bryan In France, ’billets-doux’ are letters of longing. In the sunny suburbs of LA, it’s the art of 17-year-old L.J Matine, who for two years has been combining the kaleidoscopic paintings of the Pre-Raphaelite and late Neoclassicism with coveted muses of pop culture, for a wide array of Instagram followers. […]

She Comes In Colours

She Comes In Colours Taken from Issue 3 Words Sarah-Lee Palmer-Hogan Sara Berman’s namesake label was launched in 1998 when Liberty stocked her graduate collection. Five years later The Guardian named her as the fashion designer in their 50 Women to Watch list, while both she and her designs regularly received best-dressed plaudits from journalists. […]

Be Mine

Be Mine Taken from Issue 1 Photographer Wendy Bevan

A Boy and a Brush

A Boy and a Brush Taken from Issue 2 Photographer Hayley Louisa BrownWords Alexander Glover The artist discusses the relevnce of the BP awards the fried egg and its place in art history the pros and cons of going to art college and art on instagram Tristan Pigott has been my closest friend for over […]

Great Women Artists

Great Women Artists Taken from Issue 5 Words Sarah-Lee Palmer-Hogan Kissing in the Garden, 2016, Genieve Figgis, acrylic on panel In the 1971 book of essays Woman in Sexist Society, Linda Nochlin, the feminist art historian, posed the question ‘Why have there been no great women artists?’ She concluded that the arts, ‘as in a […]